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Improving your bottom line is the driver for everything we do, and smart energy usage is the means to this end.

We begin by looking at how you are currently managing energy, discussing the challenges and limitations you face, and identifying your short- and long-term energy goals. These may be specific goals such as implementing improved energy management techniques, or making changes in equipment, or more general goals such as how could you take advantage of various incentive programs or market opportunities.
Scope and Deliverables
Through preliminary discussion, we agree on scope and deliverables. Any proposed solutions must make business sense to you. We pride ourselves on executing projects on time and on budget. Any changes or unanticipated findings are fully discussed with you in the course of the project - no surprises.
Part of Your Team
Best results are obtained when Pathchoice expertise supplements the skills and knowlege already available in your organization. We strive to work collaboratively with your team and judge our success by the lasting improvements in your operations.
Strategic Services
Clarifying your company's energy goals and priorities

Assessing risks and opportunities

Identifying room to maneuver within your operational and external environments

Formulating intervention strategies to influence electricity policies and programs
Operational Services
Optimizing the operation of your steam power and cogeneration facilities

Assisting your development of effective energy management programs

Facilitating your selection of products for energy supply, self-generation and conservation

Developing specifications for energy information (EMIS) systems
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